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Dot Cromwell is an American recording artist and songwriter. The Philly native currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, where he founded the creative arts society, AV8TED. Cromwell's sound is all about duality and tension of being the bridge between two worlds; the black and white; the perceived good and perceived dangerous. Between personal project releases and having collaborated with artists such as Jidenna, Wale and Quavo, Cromwell has amassed over 18 million streams as of 2017.


"Dot Cromwell has created the perfect turn-up anthem."






"The precursor to his forthcoming Full Of Sin EP, Vanity finds Dot repurposing popular instrumentals and going all in over brooding trap-tinged production with a palpable hunger and sharp entendres."


"Dot Cromwell is a true MC in the truest form. The Philadelphia-born artist delivers wordplay that wraps any listener up in his experiences, as he effortlessly enthralls audiences with stories of a young man looking to embrace his life lessons and manifest his own blessings. His latest release, 'Vanity Tape,' is nothing more than another stamp on his ability to rap circles around your favorite rapper."